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Application and Advantages of Sandwich Panels

As new-type building materials, PU, rockwool and glasswool sandwich panels emerge with overwhelming development potential. They have been applied to a multitude of fields like high-speed rail, aviation and navigation at a tremendously rapid speed. We can predicate that these materials will witness a broad development prospect in the next 5 years. The reason why they are so popular can be summed up as follows:

1. These sandwich panels boast excellent heat insulation property, and their heat conductivity coefficient respectively reaches 0.025, superior to EPS sandwich panel.
2. They are water resistant with bore sealing rate up to 95%. So, rain permeation is impossible.
3. After onsite spray coating, PU, rockwool and glasswool sandwich panels come with waterproof layer and without seam, which reduces maintenance load and also is incomparable for other macromolecular materials.
4. The panels also possess outstanding adhesive property, and can be firmly adhered to wood, metal, brick, glass and other materials. You will be surprised by strong wind resisting performance of the panels.
5. They are applicable for both new and old roofs. Especially for old roof, these panels can be directly applied after dusts and sundries are removed. Besides, there is no need to remove waterproof and heat insulating layers on original roof.
6. Construction is fast and easy. Daily spray coating area per worker can reach 200 square meters.
7. Ending construction is simple.
8. The panels are one-step manufactured with high economic returns. If heat insulating and waterproof crafts are applied individually, production cycle will be prolonged and thereby production cost is increased.
9. The PU, rockwool and glasswool sandwich panels are aging resistant. According to relevant foreign study, their aging resistance property can last as long as 30 years.
10. After foaming processing, the panels are oil resistant and panel service life is accordingly extended.