Cut-to-length Band Saw

The cut-to-length band saw is an important constituent of our rockwool, glasswool sandwich panel production line. It comes with following functional features:

1. As the sandwich panel cutting machine is capable of 180-degree rotation, bothway cutting can be realized.
2. After cutting, panel clamp and tool rest return to original position, ready for next operation.
3. Our cut-to-length band saw can be set for either manual or automatic cutting.
4. The maximum width and thickness of applicable panel are respectively 1250mm and 250mm.
5. The steel plate cutting machine can move 2500mm longitudinally and 1700mm transversely along guide rail.
6. Maximum cutting length depends on the conditions of transmission rack.
7. Minimum cutting length is 3.5m when the machine works at a speed of 5m/min.