Roll Forming Machine

The roll forming machine is manufactured in two types, respectively applicable for wall panel and corrugated panel. In the following, we’d like to introduce more details about the two types of roll former.

Roll Former for Wall Panel
1. Top and bottom steel sheets are processed with male and female joint by this machine, making panel installation and splicing more convenient.
2. Our roll former is designed with top and bottom forming rollers which are demountable and interchangeable. The top rollers act passively and the bottom rollers are motor driven.
3. Interval between rollers is adjustable by regulating distance between axles.
4. The wall panel roll forming machine works at a speed of 0-8m/min., and the speed can be adjusted in stepless way, thus making the machine synchronized with entire sandwich panel production line.
5. To ensure long service life, rollers are uniformly electroplated with hard chrome on the surface.

Roll Former for Corrugated Panel
1. Coming with high-strength welded profile steel rack, this roll former suits motor power of 5.5KW.
2. Shape, quantity and size of corrugation can be specified by customer.
3. Interval between top and bottom rollers can be modulated through regulating thread rod of top bearing seat.
4. Working speed of this roof panel roll forming machine is also 0-8m/min., which is regulated in stepless way.
5. Roller surface is uniformly electroplated with hard chrome to extend service life of rollers.