Work Platform for Roll Former

The work platform for roll former is outfitted with film laminating device, transverse cutting device, edge cutting device and groove rolling machine. Generally, it is constructed by following parts:
1. Stand and base plate
2. Working parts
3. Upper and lower stairs
4. Peripheral guardrail

Laminating Device
The laminating device of the work platform for roll former is comprised of top and bottom sets. The protective plastic film roll performs film lamination to color steel plate via rubber roller to prevent steel plate from damage. Supporting axle passively releases film, and thereby the supporting axle already loaded with protective plastic film should be fixed to certain part of stand before production.

When roll forming machine works, width of protective plastic film can be adjusted via hand wheel connected to the supporting axle to ensure that the film can totally cover steel plate.

Transverse Cutting Device
Our work platform for roll former is equipped with two sets of transverse cutting device. This cutting device is located behind uncoiler and hydraulically driven, capable of length counting. It is used when steel plate feeding completes, with no need to shut down roof panel production equipment. Thus, it greatly guarantees continuous production.

Edge Cutting Device
When the width of steel plate exceeds desired width, edge cutting device is used to cut the superfluous part of steel plate. This device is unpowered, capable of passive cutting under the pulling force of steel plate. Maximum cutting width is 100mm, and produced scraps will be winded by automatic winder.

Groove Rolling Machine
The groove rolling machine of our work platform for roll former makes use of top and bottom rollers for rolling on steel plate, and thereby steel plate will come with grooves as V groove and corrugated groove. Top roller can be lifted when ribbing roll forming machine is not required. Each set of rollers only can provide one type of groove, and groove types and dimensions can be customized.

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