Stacker and Packing Machine

The stacker and packing machine are essential parts of PU and rock wool sandwich panel production line.

A. Description

Our sandwich panel stacker adopts vacuum chuck for panel lifting, leaving no damage to panel. In addition to automatic panel stacking, it also comes with specialized rack to store unqualified panels. On the other hand, encoder for position detection is utilized to achieve neat and orderly stacking.

B. Components
Our stacker is mainly incorporated by:
1. Integrated framework
2. Travel mechanism
3. Lifting mechanism
4. Vacuum system and vacuum chuck
5. Transmission rack
6. Control and operation system
7. Automatic limit detection switch
8. Turnover device

C. Technical Parameters
Min. panel length 2m
Max. panel length 12.5m
Single panel thickness 40-250mm
Max. stacking height 1.1m
Deviation in length direction +/-30mm
Deviation in width direction +/-10mm
Operation cycle 60s

Packing Machine
A. Description

By using this sandwich panel packer, sandwich panels are wrapped with film, and thereby they won’t be damaged during transportation and storage. Meanwhile, the film helps to resist humidity and dust pollution. For sandwich panels, the film during wrapping is in helical motion, and film replacement is manually operated, only needing about 30 seconds.

B. Components
Our packing machine is mainly composed of following parts:
1. Turnover device
2. Film unwinding stand
3. Automatic film wrapping device
4. Automatic film cutting device
5. Operation control system
6. Transmission rack
7. Automatic padding block device
8. Electrical control system

C. Technical Parameters
Min. packing length 3.5m
Max. packing length 12.5m
Single panel thickness 40-250mm
Max. stacking height 1.1m
Max. width 1250mm
Working speed About 0-5m/min.
Overall dimension 14m×2.7m×2.6m
Weight 5T
Bore diameter of wrapping ring 1828mm