Cut-to-length Band Saw

Our cut-to-length band saw is coupled with unpowered extensible roller conveyor which is 2000mm long and 1220mm wide.

Detailed Descriptions
1. This steel plate cutting machine is capable of continuous cutting without stop in reciprocating motion, driven by a high-speed three-phase motor.
2. During cutting, panels are compressed tight under the action of air cylinder above cutter rest.
3. Bandsaw is tensioned by mechanical device, and pressure display is available.
4. Due to synchronous motor, the speed of our cut-to-length band saw realizes variable-frequency regulation.
5. PLC and other programs are utilized for length counting.
6. Guard rail and shield made of sandwich panels are installed around the sandwich panel cutting machine for noise reduction.

Functional Features
1. Panels are compressed tight by rubber coated clamp, and at this time, the PU sandwich panel cutter cuts off two layers of steel sheet and one layer of core material at one time.
2. Our cut-to-length band saw automatically decelerates when cutting male and female joint part.
3. After cutting is completed, lamp and tool rest return to original position, and the sandwich panel cutter with band saw performs 180-degree swing, making preparation for next cutting. Thus, bothway cutting can be realized.
4. Cutting can be delivered manually or automatically to maximally 1250mm wide and 250mm thick panel.
5. The machine enables to move 2500mm longitudinally and 1700mm transversely along guide rail.

Dimensional Tolerance
1. Cutting length up to 6m: +/-(2-5)mm
2. Cutting length exceeding 6m: +/-(5-8)mm

Cutting Length
1. Maximum cutting length is subject to transmission rack.
2. When the machine works at a speed of 5m/min., minimum cutting length is 3.5m.