Rockwool Cutting and Feeding System

Our rockwool cutting and feeding system is versatile, integrating automatic rock wool cutting, overturning and conveying. It is applicable for rock wool panel in dimension of 2400×1260×80mm-100mm or 1850×1260×80mm-100mm.

This rock wool sandwich panel machine is primarily constituted by following parts:
1. 5 meters long crawler-type conveying rack for material loading
2. Lifting and conveying device, maximally lifting 15 pieces of rock wool panel in dimension of 2400×1260×80mm
3. The rockwool cutting and feeding system contains a cutting machine reserved with 7 suction inlets, of which 5 are in diameter of 150mm and 2 are in diameter of 100mm. Cutter housing (50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm or 200mm) is equipped according to cutting width specified by customer, thus sandwich panel of different thickness can be produced.
4. Conveying mechanism adopted by sandwich panel production line can convey 2400mm or 1850mm long rock wool strip.
5. 90-degree overturning mechanism enables to turn over 2400mm or 1850mm long rock wool strip.
6. Edge milling mechanism performs edge milling to ensure that rock wool panel meets corresponding requirement.

Working Speed
The rockwool cutting and feeding system works at a speed up to 6m/min. when the raw panel dimension is 1850×1260×100mm and panel thickness is less than 100mm. You can feel assured that rock wool conveying capacity totally meets production demand.

1. High-quality raw rock wool panel should be used, with density of 100kg/m3 and in dimension of 2400×1260×100mm or 1850×1260×100mm.
2. You can also use superior raw glass wool panel with good coherence, excellent adhesion property and proper density of 60-80kg/m3. Besides, the panel cannot be mixed with stones or large minerals, or damage to cutter may be caused.