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Uncoiler with Coil Feeding Car

The uncoiler with coil feeding car is used to unwind steel coil. After delicate design, this hydraulic decoiler works by consuming the least amount of labor and time. Meanwhile, feedback control system is adopted to ensure that uncoiling speed is synchronized with roll forming speed.

Max. steel coil weight 10T
Inner diameter of steel coil 500-600mm
Max. outer diameter of steel coil 1300mm
Max. steel coil width 1300mm

Operation Process
The operation process of our uncoiler with coil feeding car is as follows:
1. Steel coil is put on coil feeding car by travelling crane.
2. The coil feeding car puts steel coil on cantilever supporting axle via movement and lifting.
3. With hydraulic cylinder driving supporting arm axle, steel coil is tensioned.
4. Swing arm of the uncoiling machine is tensioned and compressed tight under the action of air cylinder.