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Stacker and Packing Machine

Our PU sandwich production line also contains stacker and packing machine.

A. Description

Our sandwich panel stacker adopts vacuum lifting system for panel lifting without damage to panel. It enables automatic sandwich panel stacking and comes with dedicated rack for storing unqualified panel scraps. Meanwhile, encoder is used for position detection, making for neat and orderly panel stacking.

B. Work Flow
After cut by cutting machine, sandwich panels are conveyed to stacking machine via transmission rack, and stop position is controlled by photoelectric detector. Then, the lifting unit of stacking machine moves downward, and sandwich panels are absorbed by vacuum chuck and conveyed to transmission rack in front of packing machine. The two transmission racks are paralleled.

For corrugated roof panels, 180-degree turning over should be first performed by turnover mechanism, and then absorption and transmission can be delivered. The entire process is PLC controlled, and unqualified panels will be conveyed to scrap storage rack by stacking machine.

C. Turnover Mechanism
180-degree panel turning over is achieved due to the turnover mechanism. It adopts motor and chain drive control, and turning over process is controlled by proximity switch. Stacking height is largely reduced thanks to it.

D. Transmission Rack
The transmission rack between stacker and packing machine is constructed by two 6m long roller conveyers, and it adopts chain drive. Start-up and shutdown are controlled by system operation.

Automatic Packing Machine
A. Description

This sandwich panel packer is mainly used to wrap sandwich panels with film to ensure that damage won’t be caused during transportation and storage, and also to prevent panels from humidity and dust pollution. The wrapping film is relatively in helical motion and replaced manually within about 30 seconds. Before packing, EPS foam block is put under sandwich panel by automatic padding block device in accordance with designed program.

B. Basic Parameters
1. Min. packing length: 3.5m
2. Max. packing length: 12.5m
3. Single panel thickness: 40-250mm
4. Max. stacking height: 1.1m
5. Max. width: 1250mm
6. Working speed: About 0-5m/min.
7. Overall dimension: 14m×2.7m×2.6m
8. Weight: 5T
9. Bore diameter of wrapping ring: 1828mm
10. PE film: 500mm wide, 18-30um thick (Weight is less than 15kg and core diameter is 76mm.)
11. Repeat wrapping size: 0-300mm (adjustable)
12. Film stretch rate: ≥150%
13. Automatic front and rear end sealing machines are optionally provided.
14. Roller conveyor height: 700mm
15. Automatic padding block device: 900-1200mm long, 200mm wide, 100mm high
16. Deviation in length direction: +/-30mm
17. Deviation in width direction: +/-10mm
18. Operation cycle: 50-80s

C. Configurations
1. Turnover device
2. Film unwinding stand
3. Automatic film wrapping device
4. Automatic film cutting device
5. Operation control system
6. Transmission rack
7. Automatic padding block device
8. Electrical control system

D. Work Flow
The packing machine works in following way:
1. Already stacked sandwich panels are conveyed via transmission rack.
2. EPS foam block is placed under sandwich panel by padding block device.
3. Conveying stops after panels enter the packer. Front panel end is wrapped with film and stretched tight by wrapping ring.
4. Conveying re-starts and at the same time, panel is wrapped with film continuously.
5. After wrapping is completed, conveying stops, and film is stretched tight.
6. Film is cut by automatic cutting device, ready for next operation cycle.
7. Packed sandwich panels are transported by forklift.

E. Work Flow of Automatic Padding Block Device
1. EPS foam block is put into material bank of the padding block device.
2. EPS foam block is pushed to fixed place by means of motor and chain drive, and this place is lower than panel stacking height.
3. Under the drive of air cylinder, EPS foam block is controlled by encoder and placed under panel. Then, panel together with EPS foam block is conveyed to the packing machine.
4. More foam blocks can be used also.