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Cut-to-length Band Saw

Our cut-to-length band saw is connected to unpowered roller conveyor and powered roller conveyor.

Unpowered Roller Conveyor
The unpowered roller conveyor is extensible and connected with automatic steel plate cutting machine. It is 4000mm long and 1320mm wide.

The band saw enables continuous cutting without stop, and it is composed of following parts:
1. High-speed three-phase motor puts bandsaw wheel into motion, which thereby drives PU sandwich panel cutter for cutting.
2. During cutting, panel is tightly compressed via air cylinder above tool rest.
3. The panel cutter is tensioned via mechanical device, and pressure display is available.
4. Motor drives bandsaw for reciprocating motion.
5. Electric console contains PLC and electric controller.
6. Production speed is regulated via frequency conversion.
7. PLC and other programs are adopted for length counting.
8. Our cut-to-length band saw is designed with guardrail and shield on both sides to reduce noise. The guardrail and shield are made from sandwich panel manufactured by PU sandwich panel production line.

Functional Features
1. With rubber coated clamp tightly compressing panel, the bandsaw cuts two layers of steel panel and in-between PU at one time.
2. The cutter will automatically decelerate when cutting male and female joint part of panel.
3. Once cutting is completed, the cutter performs 180-degree revolution, preparing for next cutting. This also means two-way cutting is available. After cutting, clamp and tool rest return to original position, making preparation for next operation.
4. Both manual and automatic cutting modes are achievable.
5. Our cut-to-length band saw is applicable for panel that is maximally 1250mm wide and 250mm thick.
6. Cutting machine can move 2500mm longitudinally along product line and move 1900mm transversely along guide rail.

Dimensional Tolerance
1. Cutting length up to 6m: +/- 2mm
2. Cutting length exceeding 6m: +/- 3-5mm

Cutting Length
1. Maximum cutting length is subject to transmission rack limit.
2. Minimum cutting length is 2.5m when the cut-to-length band saw works at a speed of 5m/min.

Powered Roller Conveyor
The powered roller conveyor is chain driven with guide wheels. It is 15m long and 1320mm wide.