PU Foaming System

The PU foaming system fantastically functions by taking full advantage of high-pressure metering pump, temperature control system and automatic material supplying system. After fully mixed, two-component materials will be sprayed onto steel plate by means of mixing head in reciprocating motion.

Our PU foaming machine is mainly composed of following configurations:
1. Storage, conveying and pre-mixing equipment
2. High-pressure foaming unit
3. Electric control cabinet and process control unit
4. Cooling device
5. Spraying unit

Storage, Conveying and Pre-mixing Equipment
This equipment adopted by our PU foaming system consists of following components:
1. Two 500L pressure vessels with jacket layer, used for isocyanate and polyol storage
2. One electric stirrer for stirring polyol
3. One electric stirrer for stirring isocyanate
4. Flow transducer and operation panel
5. Conduit coupling

High-pressure Foaming Unit
The high-pressure foaming unit of our PU foam equipment contains:
1. Flow transducer and operation panel
2. High-pressure foam machine and spraying head (2 sets)

Electric Control Cabinet and Process Control Unit
1. Power system for high-pressure foaming, PLC
2. Display screen for data supervision and display
3. Working voltage: 380V, 50Hz
4. Boosting voltage: 24Vcc-24vca
5. Total power: 70KW
6. Working pressure: 6/8 bar
7. Air consumption: 300NL/min.

Cooling Device
The cooling device in PU foaming system is an accessory device. It enables water cooling via a closed loop, thus regulating working temperature of PU foam machine.

Spraying Unit
Liquid raw materials are conveyed to mixing head via high-pressure rubber hose, and mixed in the mixing head. Then, they are sprayed onto steel plate in motion. The entire system is a closed loop, controlled by PLC.

Technical Parameters
The technical parameters of our PU foaming system are as follows:
1. Maximum pressure: 200 bar
2. Temperature of components: 20°C
3. Minimum MDI output: 240kg/h
4. Minimum output of polyol: 200kg/h
5. Maximum MDI output: 1200kg/h
6. Maximum output of polyol: 1020kg/h
7. Moving speed of mixing head: 80m/min.
8. Maximum width for transverse movement: 1500mm
9. Maximum width for longitudinal movement: 1300mm
10. Spraying distance of mixing head: 500mm
11. Adjustment range of mixing head height: 150mm
12. Installed power: 2KW