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Uncoiler with Coil Feeding Car

Overall Description
Our uncoiler with coil feeding car automatically decoils color steel coil through utilizing hydraulic lifting and tension device. It takes full advantage of feedback control, making for consistent decoiling and roll forming speed. Besides, this color steel coil decoiler is painstakingly designed to ensure that the least amount of labor and time is used for steel coil changing.

Main Parameters
1. Maximum steel coil weight: 5/15T (two kinds of steel coil uncoiler)
2. Inner diameter of steel coil: 500-600mm
3. Maximum outer diameter of steel coil: 1300mm
4. Maximum width of steel coil: 1300mm

Key Components
Our uncoiler with coil feeding car is mainly composed of following components:
1. Machine stand
2. Cantilever-type supporting axle using ball bearing
3. Drive motor and drive chain
4. Hydraulic workstation
5. Hydraulic cylinder
6. Hydraulic pipeline
7. Electrical control system
8. Coil feeding car

Operation Process
1. Color steel coil is placed on coil feeding car by travelling crane.
2. Coil feeding car of hydraulic decoiler then puts steel coil on cantilever-type supporting axle.
3. The uncoiler with coil feeding car and capable of decoiling 15T steel coil lifts up supporting arm. There is no supporting arm for the uncoiling machine capable of decoiling 5T steel coil.
4. Supporting axle is driven by hydraulic cylinder, and then steel coil is tensioned.
5. Oscillating arm is strained and compressed via air cylinder.

Construction Types
1. 5T type (capable of decoiling 5T steel coil)
2. 15T type (capable of decoiling 15T steel coil)