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Cut-to-length Band Saw

Overall Description
Our cut-to-length band saw is a safe and user friendly machine used to produce batch quantities of cut-to-length products. With synchronous controller controlling machine stand, this bandsaw completes sandwich panel cutting in a relatively stationary state. Meanwhile, we adopt PLC to control machine compressing, expanding and rotating via pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Cutting Control Modes
This cut-to-length band saw is available in two cutting control modes.
1. Manual Mode
Cutting is achieved at the push of a button.
2. Automatic Mode
This sandwich panel cutting machine enables to cut by utilizing rotary encoder, touch screen, and PLC for length and quantity counting. You can set length and quantity on the touch screen, and the rotary encoder produces pulse under the drive of feeding roller. Then, the PLC controls cutting length according to pulse number it receives.

10 different sets of length and quantity values can be set on the touch screen, and circulatory setting is available. Therefore, cutting mechanism will arrange cutting in proper order according to already set values.