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Sandwich Panel Production Line Manufacturer

YONGMING Machinery is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly building material production equipment. Our featured products include the metal surface rockwool sandwich panel production line, glasswool sandwich panel production line, PU foam sandwich panel production line and the EPS foam sandwich panel production line. Meanwhile, YONGMING also offers corollary equipment, such as the uncoiler, roll forming machine, laminating machine, PU foaming system, cut-to-length band saw, stacker and packing machine as well as the work platform for roll former. Sandwich panels produced by our metal surface rockwool sandwich panel machine boast multiple excellent performances, including heat preservation, fire prevention and good decorativeness. These panels are well suited for public buildings like industrial plant, supermarket, large warehouse, large-span house roof, makeshift house, etc. In addition, these building materials are also applicable for refrigeration house, clean room, air conditioning room, communication base station and other places.

    1. Rockwool (Mineral Wool) and EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

      Proudly serving customers since 1997, Yongming Machinery is born of Chinese market demand on rockwool and EPS sandwich panel. From then on, our rockwool (mineral wool) and EPS sandwich panel production line had been successfully exported to international markets, covering Russia, middle East and European countries and regions. ...

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    1. PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

      Currently, there are only 4 countries capable of producing PU sandwich panel production line in the world. Compared with competitors from Italy, German and South Korea, our color steel sandwich panel production line boasts dominant superiorities.

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    1. PU and Rockwool (Mineral Wool) Sandwich Panel Production Line

      To cater for great market demand, we developed this PU and mineral wool sandwich panel production line in 2012 through applying special crafts. Different from common machines, our line boasts high automaticity and enables to produce sandwich panel of 300mm thick and with excellent heat insulation effect.

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    1. Rockwool (Mineral Wool), Glasswool Sandwich Panel Production Line

      This metal surface mineral wool sandwich panel machine improves production efficiency by 2 times, and crew size is reduced by half. Compared with PRL-6-SA series production line needing 13 operators, this rockwool, glasswool sandwich panel production line only requires 6 operators, thus saving labor cost for manufacturers.

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  • Applications and Advantages
    1. FactoryBefore factory building construction, building material selection is of much importance. Qualified building materials come with ...
    1. Refrigeration HousePU and rockwool sandwich panels manufactured by our PU and rockwool sandwich pane production line can be ...
    1. WarehouseNowadays, warehouse plays an increasingly important role in logistics field. To ensure warehouse safety, we strongly recommend ...
    1. Makeshift HouseThe rockwool sandwich panel produced by our building material production equipment is strongly recommended for constructing ...